Around 25 students from one of the global top 10 business schools are coming to Silicon Valley to learn about entrepreneurship, technology and innovation. We are always on the lookout for sponsors, partners and companies to visit and share insights, inspiration and opportunities with each other. Please contact us if you want to make use of the opportunity to get an outside view on a strategic question from some of the best MBA students in the world

Partner Companies


Instead of a traditional company visit, we aim to discuss current strategic questions around the entrepreneurial lifecycle. You can get an outside view from over 20 top MBA students.


Each student prepares each visit thoroughly and is encouraged to reflect and challenge the recent news and performance of your company. You can expect to get honest and qualified feedback that might be costly to acquire otherwise.​​​​​


Our students are striving to make the world a better place. They come to Silicon Valley to get inspired and hope to help you to find inspiration from their ideas and visions.


We will bring first and second year students from different cultures and professional backgrounds with an interest in Technology, Entrepreneurship and Silicon Valley. Maybe we’ll bring just the right person for that open job position.



Network closely with a highly talented team of MBA students and promote your company among the students, companies, and investors. Meet the IESE’s well established alumni network and expand your global network with local contacts.


Interact with around 25 top companies, investors, VCs and other organizations up close.You have a reserved slot on our tour and get the opportunity to network with anyone we meet and to attend all the events.


Learn the latest trends from the entrepreneurial and technological landscape in Silicon Valley. Explore potential ideas for European market and be an early entrant.